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CaSPER CSP-XML frontend

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A black-box solver for constraint problems given in the CSP-XML format.

Current release: CaSPER CSP-XML frontend 1.0

Released Nov 13, 2008 — tested with msvc-2008

Initial public release. Fixes some bugs which were present on the instances sent to the competition.

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Get CaSPER CSP-XML frontend for Windows (1.8 MB)

Binary distribution

Get CaSPER CSP-XML frontend for Linux (920.8 kB)

Binary distribution

Experimental releases

There are no experimental releases available at the moment.

Project Description

Project resources

This project consists of a frontend to the CaSPER library (an executable) which read constraint problem descriptions given in the CSP-XML format and output the solution (or prove that there is none). There were two instantiations of these solvers (casperzito and casperzao)  sent to the CPAI08 competition.