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CaSPER library 0.2.0

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Provisional support for floating point variables and constraints

For additional information about this project, please visit the project page.

Available downloads

Source Distribution

For All platforms (333.0 kB)

Binary Distribution

For Linux (1.4 MB)

Binary Distribution

For Windows (2.5 MB)

Release Notes

Tested with gcc-4.2.3, msvc-2008
State Final release
License OSI
Release Manager mvc

Warning: This is the first release including support for floating point variables and constraints, which now requires two external libraries, mpl and mpfr.  Make sure that the mpl and the mpfr headers are in the include path and that the libraries are linked against the final executable. Alternatively, you can compile without these libraries, by defining the CASPER_UNSAFE_ROUNDING macro, but note that completeness is no longer guaranteed (although the solver should still be sound).

Warning: Starting from this version, CaSPER no longer includes the boost libraries from which it depends, which means that having the boost library installed is now mandatory (however it is not necessary to compile boost).

 If building CaSPER from source through the SCons build system, scons --help explains how to pass the path to these libraries.