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Building and/or installing CaSPER

This How-to applies to: 0.1.x
This How-to is intended for: End user, Developer

How to build and install source and binary CaSPER distributions.

Binary distribution

If you have downloaded the binary distribution then just unzip the package.

Source distribution

If using a source distribution package or the version control system, then you will need SCons for builing the library and examples. After installing SCons, you build CaSPER depending on your development environment:

Eclipse IDE

Once you load the eclipse project you will find some predefined 'make targets', which will indirectly call SCons. Just click on them.

Microsoft Visual Studio Express IDE

Go to the root of the CaSPER distribution and do

scons msvcsolution

which will (hopefully) generate a MSVC project file which you can load and use to build the library from within the IDE.

No/Other IDE

From the shell, just do

scons --help

at the root directory of the distribution to see all the build options and targets.